“The double drop bead applicator was developed by DCS (Dade City Solutions) and manufactured by DCM (Designed Concept Machining) in response to a need in the road striping industry to provide a greater degree of line reflectivity. The double drop system is designed to drop a large diameter reflective glass bead followed by a small diameter glass bead. This combination provided a 40% increase in reflectivity. Special considerations to the application rate and overall weight of the unit required some unique machining and design requirements that were handily engineered and accomodated by DCM.”

David Bischoff, Dade City Solutions

“We’ve been using Designed Concepts Machining for many years and have always been satisfied. The custom bracketing they provide successfully meets our clients’ needs and the staff is always professional and reliable. We’ll continue to use their services and refer them to others.”

Keith Yahn, NDI Technologies

“Designed Concept Machining consistently delivers quality workmanship in a timely manner and at a very reasonable price.”

Tim VanderMey, Proton Design, Inc.

“I had a project that needed a custom configuration design for a shipping cart. I talked to Gary at, Designed Concept Machining, about this project. Gary was able to in vision my design plan and come up with a mock up. The design worked perfect for our application! Thanks to Design Concept for helping us produce something; we thought we would never be able to accomplish! Thanks again Gary!”

Kenny Burns, OnlineLabels.com

“A request had been made from Design Concept Machining (DCM) for Pella Windows and Doors to share with the Machining & Design Industry our view of the work that had been procured through DCM since our relationship began some 15 years ago. Due to the impact that DCM has had in the development of our Hurricane Rated Impact Windows and Doors I felt compelled to write this accolade myself.

After the terrible financial tragedy that Hurricane Andrew wreaked on the State of Florida in 1992 the Florida Building Codes were changed dramatically in an effort to protect homeowners from improperly constructed homes and develop an approval body that would ensure all materials used in Florida home construction would meet a new extremely demanding criteria.

Despite the fact that Pella customers didn’t sustain any property damage during Andrew it still meant that we were required to do a complete product redesign of coastal products from the ground up to meet this new stringent code. This is where DCM comes in to play or should I say to the rescue.

We embarked on a journey beginning in 1994 in unchartered waters developing each new Lock, each new strike, each new catch, each new grommet, each new interlock etc. as we went. At the time I was the lead on this project and I realized after some initial setbacks that a the key to expediting our development was to find a Machinist that was creative, brought ideas to the table and could see what we needed to accomplish even if it wasn’t on our drawing. In Gary Maksimowich I received just that. Often I would show up at his door step unannounced no drawing with just an idea, Gary could see it understand it sketch it and run with it, more often than not exceeding our expectations.

The key to any manufacturer’s success is a partnership with its vendors and its people. Gary’s willingness to support our projects with the same enthusiasm and commitment as us meant that we were able to meet our always present budgets and deadlines. Of the qualities that stand out in our relationship most over the years it would have to be the honest assessments that Gary always gave us. There was never over promise and under deliver if he committed to next Tuesday then it was next Tuesday and often in the early days we pushed him to work the week-ends so we could hit our deadlines. Try to find that commitment somewhere else.

I am so very pleased that Gary asked me to contribute this testimonial as to our long term relationship and interactions with DCM and would look forward to supporting any inquiries in this regard. ”

John Meacham Vice President & General Manager of Pella Windows & Doors

“Gary Max Owner of Designed Concept is a true craftsman. He took my wood prototype that I had built in my garage and turned it into an industry changing piece of precision equipment. Other engineering shops would not attempt my project without precise drawings and measurements. Gary’s creative mind, attention to detail and willingness to work with me, made my project become a reality.

Gary is an expert engineer and I give him my highest recommendation.”

Mike Bender Golf Academy

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