Who We Are

Designed Concept Machining Co., Inc. is owned and operated by Gary Max since it opened in 1989. However, Gary has been in the machining industry for over 33 years. Gary started at Mid Florida Technical School studying CNC programming. After which, Gary became a machinist working for the Balmar Crimp Tool Corporation from 1976 to 1979. Here, Gary is responsible for precision milling, drilling, lathe and grinding crimping tool components for the aircraft industry.

As Gary gained more and more experience he became responsible for coordination and supervision of machine shop operations for the manufacturing of packing machine system at McDowell International Packing Systems Inc. From 1979 to 1989 Gary became an expert in all things pertaining to machining and fabrication. So much so, that in 1989 Gary decided to open his own machine shop in Orlando, FL.

Gary launches a fully digitized machine shop specializing in precision drilling, milling, turning, computer CNC milling, threading, and just about any other machining process you could think of. Through dedication and hard work, Gary has built a reputable business that goes above and beyond to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Most machine shops require a detailed set of plans and materials. Through years of experience, Gary has mastered the machining art. Bring him a sketch on a napkin, or even a rough concept, still only feasible in your imagination, and Gary can bring it to life.