Mike Bender recruits DCM for design and fabrication of a putting training aid. The putting station allows for consistent practice through personalized settings. These settings are a result of the 5 moving components that DCM fabricated.

  • Adjustable Plane Board
    Designed to work for both arc and straight back-and-through strokes.

  • Lower Body Stabilizer
    Locks the knees in place, not allowing the lower body to move.

  • Head Stabilizer/Shoulder Bar
    Serves a dual purpose either to keep the head steady or to control shoulder movement during the stroke.

  • Color Code Plane Board
    Color-coded bars evenly placed on both sides of center control the stroke's length to develop better distance control.

  • Foot markings
    Designed to create consistent alignment and stance width.

By carefully crafting this design to ensure not only durability but functionality, DCM is able to mass produce the putting station for the Mike Bender Golf Academy.

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